#Books ~ So many books, so little time…


Hello, my name is sindee and I’m a book-aholic !!

I have the substantial fear of running out of reading material and get sweaty hands when my Amazon balance goes below a certain amount.

I wholeheartedly love a good thriller or romance (with or without kink 😉 ) and despise [sorry to those authors] most of the other genres (esp. sci-fi, fantasy and anything WWII).

I am a “one-book-at-a-time” reader – which can easily turn into “one-book-a-day” when I have enough time on my hands.

I tend to ‘stalk’ an author when I like one of his/her books.

I follow several Book Lover groups on Facebook to scrounge as much freebies as I can get.

I can’t live without my Kindle but I have some favorite authors I buy only as paperbacks – also because those autographs look so much prettier in them. :)

Well, well… enough about me… What about YOU? Do you read? What do you read? When do you read? Let’s get to know each other before I start sharing my favorite authors under this hashtag…


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3 thoughts on “#Books ~ So many books, so little time…”

  1. Work gets in the way of my reading time as well. When I do have time to read I enjoy photography and computer programming books. I’m old school I like read paperback or hardcover books. I have started reading two books, A Digital Photography Master Class and an Access 2010 VBA programming book. I do have a Kindle which I receive as a 15 year anniversary present from work, but I haven’t had a chance to review the books on Amazon.

  2. If I had all the time in the world, reading would consume a major part of it. Unfortunately life and especially work get in my way :(

    I have to admit that on weekdays I switch on my tv to switch of my brains…as I have a job with lots of reading and writing…I often don’t feel like seeing words anymore.

    But give me a weekend or even vacations: my kindle is always near. Crime, thrillers, romance (with a little steamy action), funny chic lit…I’m not too picky…same goes for the authors. I don’t really have favorites. But I can say that historic novels and sci-fi are not my world…

    I mainly shop online to keep my Kindle stuffed but I still love book stores to snoop around.

    In times my books came from the book store, I often chose a book because of it’s unusual cover…I guess that’s the only time that it is allowed to judge a book by it’s cover. 😉 And there were times I chose books by the biggest number of pages so that I wouldn’t run out of good reads too soon…I guess that explains about everything ?

    So let the recommendations come…can’t wait.

  3. Just like you a love reading. To me, reading is ever so much better than watching television… My reader is a Kobo, and I cannot resist downloading new novels, so my library is a neverending :-)
    And even though I love my reader, it’s a challenge to pass a bookstore without entering, and without buying new paper with lots of words…

    My favorite genre is a thriller as well, my favorite writers are Lee Child and Nelson Demille, Robert Crais, Nora Roberts and good old Ludlum.
    The books I mostly looked forward to buy, the past two years, are the paperbacks of Tiffany Snow. Though rather predictable, it’s a good mix between thriller and romance…


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