#Books ~ So many books, so little time…


Hello, my name is sindee and I’m a book-aholic !!

I have the substantial fear of running out of reading material and get sweaty hands when my Amazon balance goes below a certain amount.

I wholeheartedly love a good thriller or romance (with or without kink 😉 ) and despise [sorry to those authors] most of the other genres (esp. sci-fi, fantasy and anything WWII).

I am a “one-book-at-a-time” reader – which can easily turn into “one-book-a-day” when I have enough time on my hands.

I tend to ‘stalk’ an author when I like one of his/her books.

I follow several Book Lover groups on Facebook to scrounge as much freebies as I can get.

I can’t live without my Kindle but I have some favorite authors I buy only as paperbacks – also because those autographs look so much prettier in them. :)

Well, well… enough about me… What about YOU? Do you read? What do you read? When do you read? Let’s get to know each other before I start sharing my favorite authors under this hashtag…


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#Music ~ …was my first love !!

Since I so shamefully forgot to mention #music in my interests last week I dedicate this first post to it.

With my mum being a music lover ever since and my dad being a drummer in a band in his early 20s (long blonde hair and all !!) it seems I inherited their love for tunes – and maybe their combined genes set me up with something even stronger. There was always music on in our house and early on I started translating the mostly English lyrics into German to really ‘get’ what the songs were about.

I’m not into a certain type of music. Though I mostly prefer pop, I also listen to rock, country, R&B and the occasional German Schlager *shock*

The music I listen to depends on the mood I am in – or rather vice versa ? Like nothing else music manages to change my mood in seconds… it can be saddening, joyous, encouraging, calming, enthralling and so much more…
I mean, how can you not want to dig your toes in the sand when listening to

Songs can put amazing stories into 3-5 minutes. ‘Love making, heart breaking, soul shaking’ stories. Well, mostly… sometimes the weirdest lyrics accompany great songs, tehe…

Yes, my music listening leads to singing… in the car… VERY loud !! Too bad when I drive around in my convertible in summer and people actually have to endure my so-called singing live. Kudos also to my dear hubby who, when stuck in the car with me, mostly just adjusts the volume UP so he cannot hear me anymore…

What’s your history with music ?? What kind of music do you listen to ?? Or don’t you care about music at all ?? Any fun stories to share ?? Share away…

For now I say


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#Personal ~ Introduction

Hey there,

welcome to this new project of mine… :-)

After years of focusing on my love for TV shows I decided to spread some love about other interests.

Those include (but are not limited to):

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Which would you like to see covered for starters?? Pick your favorite three.

I’ll prep some posts and check back for what to post first… and then – let’s HAVE FUN together !!


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